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In 2003, the first version of the Turbo Photo was released. In origin, it was designed to solve some issues for photographers that could not been solved in other software easily. So, in the first version, the 'What's wrong' wizard was introduced to help the users. And then, we added features around in the following versions to make it a fully functioning software.

In 2005, another program named 'Recomposit' was created to do matting, masking and background changing works.

With the development of hardware and OS, these two products, building on technologies from nearly 10 years ago, become obsolete. So in 2010, we developed and launch the Light Developer project to replace the Turbo Photo and Recomposit Pro to combine these two products together, with new technologies and based on more advanced kernel.

Here before starting to use the Light Developer, some background knowledge needs to be introduced and explained. That knowledge includes ‘Linear space vs. Gamma', ‘16bits per channel’, ‘Matting and composition’.

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