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There are 3 kinds of tools, selection tools, painting tools and transform tools. Most of them are easy to use. Some of them need more explanation.

Colour range selection

The colour range tool allows you make a selection on the colour range. This tool is powerful so that you can combine selections from condition 'hue range', tones and edges with relationship 'AND'. It is a simple version of matting.


The basic operations in the camera tool are, click to define the source in first and then click to defined the destination area. Now, you are in painting status which copies pixels from the source to destination. To define again, right click the mouse.

Modify shape

Paint to change the shape of the photo. You can change the size of the brush to control the radius of effects. This tool is useful in changing the shape of a face or body.

Repair and inpainting

This is a painting version of ‘Smart erase’. It is designed to repairs small defects in photo. Draw green area over the objects, when mouse button up, the object will be removed by paste pixels from around. If the result contains new defects, paint again.

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