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Batching processing shares same conception as ‘Apply to other photos’ in section ‘Workflow’. Except the ‘Scheme’ is pre-saved. To make a scheme file, please refer to ‘Apply to other photos’.

You can select a NULL scheme file, in this case, it means ‘Save only’ mode. In save only mode, you can batch convert the image format. When save to a jpeg file, the ‘jpeg preset’ is important.

The ‘Jpeg preset’ which defined in ‘Save’-‘Jpeg file’ function allows you to save a photo in jpeg format while controlling the output file size, image size and quality at same time under a predefined protocol. For example, what you want to do is output 320px version thumbnail of the input photos, you choose ‘Thumbnail 320’ as preset in ‘Save only’ mode.

By the way, another easy way to batch-convert format is ‘Rename’ function by select different extension in the rename dialog.

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